Hangzhou Advanced Nonwoven Co.,Ltd. ("Advanced Nonwoven") derives from Hangzhou Xinhua Group Corporation Nonwoven Mill. Hangzhou Xinhua Group Corporation Nonwoven Mill is the first-grade national enterprise in the paper-making industry of China. The technical personnel of Hangzhou Xinhua Group Corporation successfully developed spunlaced nonwoven "Three-high" (high density, high strength and high basis weight) Synthetic Leather Substrates and Environment-friendly Medical Fabrics with water resistant, oil resistant and degradable barrier properties. Meanwhile, this company introduced one spunlaced nonwoven line with world-advanced level to put above products into production. In 1999 and 2000, above two products were honored of State-New Product respectively.
  In December,2000, in order to speed up the reform step of state-owned enterprise, make conversion of management system and then set up the modern enterprise system, as the main sponsor, Hangzhou Xinhua Group Corporation united other social legal representatives and private persons and made an integral system-conversion based on Hangzhou Xinhua Group Corporation Nonwoven Mill and finally set up the limited share-holding company named of current name. The company share-holders is multiplied, the capital structure and management system has been more rational and runs in regularity which appears the posture of well and quickly-developed through system conversion.
  In order to become the leading enterprise in Chinese nonwoven industry and possess one position in the world nonowoven market, the company always proceeds the development strategy of "Develop by Science Promotion and Technology Innovation" and pays much attention to the construction of person resource in ability and development of new products. This company developed two national new products --- "Three-high" Synthetic Leather Substrate" and Environmental-friendly medical fabrics which are the two series of leading products in short several years. Now the company owns 6 series of products with over 100 specifications to have domestic market as foothold and make its efforts to extend oversea market.
  The "Advanced" company will brave the winds and waves to be the leading enterprise in the way of nonwoven development with its world-advanced equipment, technology, products and excellent management and personnel based on the modern enterprise system.
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